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Red Barn Retreats

Here's what guests are saying  about Red Barn Retreats...

Love the privacy while you're still available to call. Love the room-by-room audio. Love Jack! Nothing lacking! Patty

TERRIFIC Weekend! The big screen for movies was awesome. Julie Wingert

Massage, surround sound, everything was great!  Sarah Korsless

There was lots of space! With room to spread out. The beds are comfy.  Arlene S.

I feel blessed we found this location!  Joy Cole

We loved the openness of Red Barn Retreats! Your craft room is large and excellent for scrapbooking! Sarah Mulheran

Your place is beautiful, very homey! Mary Ascher

Fabulous work room, nice kitchen/dining area, great chairs! Shawn Mothershead

Space is great. Eating area is so spacious. Outdoor area is a real plus. Patricia Stewart

Lots of room, good service, pleasant. Sandy Ferrell

Quiet, clean, spacious. The large cutting table was great! Julie V.

We had a relaxing and fun time. We will be back!  Susan Just

We were treated very well. Your place is kept very nice. Thanks very much. Liz Smith

Thank you for helping carry heavy bags! Lyndsey Beranek

Awesome facility, very clean, cute! We will be back!  Emily Hagberg

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marty shelley leenhouts red barn retreatsMarty Leenhouts was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and lived there through his college years. After graduation from college he worked in industry for 2 years before returning to school to earn his masters degree in education. He has taught for over 25 years in private schools in Wisconsin and South Dakota and internationally in Indonesia. For 12 years he has taught online. He also teaches chip carving and sells other chip carving products and services, (  does remodeling work, and interior painting. Marty teaches woodworking and chip carving retreats and is the business manager and website developer for Red Barn Retreats.

Shelley Leenhouts was born in Toledo, Ohio, and grew up in Minnesota. For many years she was an at-home mom raising two children. She earned a degree in Elementary Education and has taught in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Indonesia. Currently she is employed by Blue Earth County and ISD#77 and teaches adults in the SKILL program at the Lincoln Community Center in Mankato. She enjoys scrapbooking and quilting very much. You will enjoy her outgoing personality when it comes to planning your retreat at Red Barn Retreats.

Marty and Shelley are here to serve you and make your time at Red Barn Retreats enjoyable and memorable!

Red Barn Retreats
Marty & Shelley Leenhouts
51654 164th St.
Garden City, MN 56034

Red Barn Retreats
Garden City, MN

...a place of peace and joy!

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